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We welcome you for a running vacation on uncrowded Taiga Forest trails! With the local knowledge, we will help you to plan a different running route for each day according to your wishes regarding distance and difficulty. Most trails run through nature protection areas. This together with the cleanest air in the whole world and full board set a great scenery for a trail running vacation of a lifetime!


€ 900

inkl. Abendessen


This running week takes place in Kuhmo, a small community of just over 8000 inhabitants in Eastern Finland. With land area of about 5000 km2 it means population density of less than two persons per square kilometre. Most of the land is covered with boreal forests and there are several hundred kilometres of marked hiking trails to explore.

Accommodation takes place on a remote husky farm with no close neighbours. As this tour is organised privately for one small group at a time, the place is shared with only you, guides and the huskies. Guest rooms (two double/twin rooms) are in the main house, where there is also a kitchen, living room and indoor toilet. Huskies live in their kennels only few meters from the house. Occasionally some also stay indoors. Instead of a shower we have a traditional wood heated sauna. Sauna is just a few feet from the lake shore. Sauna together with a refreshing swim does miracles for sore muscles!


Besides running, the surroundings offer great possibilities for other nature based activities. There are canoes, rowing boat and a kayak on a free use. During late summer one can collect berries and mushrooms. It is also possible to take part on the daily caretaking of huskies since dogs love to spend time with new people.


With the local knowledge, we will help you to plan a different running route for each day according to your wishes regarding distance and difficulty. Planning can be done in advance (we will provide information about possible routes and map data via email) and also here locally during the tour. We organise the transfers to the starting point of each run (usually 20 to 60 minutes from the accommodation). It is possible to run with a guide, or if you prefer, also self guided. We will provide maps and route files for orientation.  Most runs start and end in the same spot (a circular trail, out-and-back, or a mixture of these two). In some cases it is also possible to run one direction and have a pick up from the other end of the trail. Starting times can be decided beforehand or daily according to your feelings, weather etc. Around midsummer time (from late May to early July) it is also possible to run during the night without headlamps, as the sun hardly sets. This is an unique experience worth trying at least once during your stay. From mid July onwards forests and peat bogs offer free healthy snacks in form of many berries (bilberries, lingonberries, cloudberries, cranberries).


Most trails run through nature protection areas. It is good to have basic orienteering skills but there is no need to worry about getting lost as the trails are well marked. Most trails we use are hiking trails with facilities: there are fire places, lean-to shelters and compost toilets after about every 5 kms. Most are located by a lake shore and offer a possibility for swimming. We provide detailed maps of the trails. Since mobile phone coverage is good everywhere, it is also possible to use phone’s tracking apps. Our trails are not crowded at all, it is not unusual to run for hours without seeing anyone else.


Some wildlife encounters are possible, especially during early and late hours. Most typical wildlife to be seen are different birds (grouses, waterbirds, woodpeckers etc.). Moose, wild forest reindeer or beaver are more rare to be seen, but often we discover some tracks. We have also big predators like brown bears, lynxes, wolves and wolverines. All of them are very shy and avoid interaction with humans, so one has to be very lucky to see one. At least there is no need to worry about meeting one. During summer months there are also some mosquitoes, but those are not too bothersome while running. Mosquito repellents can make the journey more pleasant, those can be bought locally if you do not bring any with.


15.05. bis 30.09.2020

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(die Guides sprechen nur Englisch und Finnisch)

PRICE: 6-day tour
  •  (arrival, four running days, departure):

  • 1100€/person when two persons booking together

  • 1000€/person when three persons booking together

  • 900€/person when four persons booking together

  • Extra days 180€/person


-Trail planning together with your guide, a local passionate runner
-Full board starting with dinner on day 1, ending with breakfast on day 6. Breakfast and dinner are served at the accommodation. Lunch before or after the run either at the accommodation or by a fire place outdoors at the running destination. Also possible to make a packed lunch for the run from the breakfast table
-Use of drying closet, canoes, kayak and a rowing boat
-Accommodation in double/twin rooms
-Evening saunas
-Transfers from/to Kajaani airport/train station and to/from daily running destinations





Here are four examples from different running destinations. (You can ask for more destinations by e-mail):


Sininen Polku ”Blue Path”: (43km drive from accommodation)


A really scenic but fairly easy trail to run. Trail runs on an esker, a high ridge formed by the last ice age. As the esker is higher from the surrounding grounds there are great views over numerous surrounding lakes, peat bogs, and forests. Shorter option is 12km out-and-back. Trail is partly singletrack, partly a bit wider. Some roots and stones, but not much covering vegeration so it is easy to find good footing. Sandy soil does not get muddy so it provides a good traction even on rainy days. Possibilty for longer option up to 25km. Longer option has some kilometres of more technical singletrack with big stones and tree roots on the trail.


Elimyssalo Nature Reserve: (62km drive from accommodation)


Elimyssalo Nature Reserve is a beautiful mosaic of old growth forests and peat bogs. This protection area was established to offer peaceful summer habitats for wild forest reindeers. Peat bogs have wooden duckboars for dry crossings. If conditions are wet, some parts are pretty muddy and wooden duckboards get slippery, making running a bit more technical. Up to 26km of running on well marked hiking trails. Possible to extend on less used trails that are not so well marked.


Iso-Palonen – Maariansärkät Nature Reserve (63km drive from accommodation)


Forests in this Nature Reserve are mostly light-filled pine dominated dry heaths. It is an important area for Wild Forest Reindeer, providing good grazing ground and safe passage for migration. This is propably the most likely place to get to see these rare and shy animals. Trails are mostly narrow singletrack. Technical in places due to stones, but mostly quite easy to run. Plenty of possibilities to have a swim as there are many lakes with sandy shores along the way. Several route options including about 20km circular trail. Also possible to run longer by adding out-and-back sections.


Hiidenportti National Park (49km drive from accommodation)


One of Finland’s 40 National Parks and the closest one to our place. The main attraction is 1 km long Hiidenportti Gorge. It is a canyon with vertical bedrock walls, down to 20 m deep. The scenery in the National Park is made up of mires and forests. Some trails are quite easy to run, but Porttijoki valley, especially Hiidenportti Gorge section, offers more technical ground. Ascents and descents are short, but demanding due to multitude of stones. It is possible to run a circular route of about 17km. If wished for it can be extended with several out-and-back sections. There is also a connecting trail to Peurajärvi Recreational Area. Peurajärvi offers about 13km circular trail mostly on very easy trails. Peurajärvi section can be combined with Hiidenportti NP or run individually.

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